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From Cyril Furtado <>
Subject Services and Group services last problem is http 500 problem before axis2 is up
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2009 23:48:36 GMT
Sorry for one more item, I do not know how to reply to the message!.
After going thru the log and configuring the servlet,  I found that the service cannot be
seen under services, but can be seen under service groups.
I see the following
List Single service
Service EPR : http://localhost:8081/services/StockQuoteService
Service REST epr :http://localhost:8081/rest/StockQuoteService
Service Description : StockQuoteService
Service Status : Active
Available operations

even the wsdl generation is correct.
Only issue is
But when I do a http://localhost:8081/services/StockQuoteService it says http 500<http://localhost:8081/services/StockQuoteService%20it%20says%20http%20500>
And the log shows
2009-04-01 16:41:08,189 DEBUG util.StAXUtils                 - XMLStreamWriter is com.ctc.wstx.sw.SimpleNsStreamWriter
2009-04-01 16:41:08,205 DEBUG http.ApplicationXMLFormatter   - end writeTo()
2009-04-01 16:41:08,205 DEBUG transport.TransportUtils       - Did not find RequestResponseTransport
cannot set response written
Why is this occurring??

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