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From "Ghazzaoui, Ramez (NIH/NLM/LHC) [C]" <>
Subject How do we configure Axis to write the proper host name in the WSDL that it generates?
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 21:13:07 GMT

Can anyone please tell me what to change in my existing installation of Axis 1.6 in order
for it to write the proper host name instead of the generic localhost:8080 in the WSDL that
it generates?

I am developing a public web service, and I want people to be able to get the latest WSDL
dynamically by accessing the URL of my service's WSDL as http://host_name/path/service_name?wsdl
where host_name is the real server name (and port) of my server rather than localhost:8080

Currently the solution that I am using is to get the WSDL, edit it to replace "localhost:8080"
with my host name, save it in a public folder, and advertise that file as being the location
for my web app's WSDL. The downside of this solution is that the advertised WSDL can often
fall out of sync with the latest edition of the web app deployed.

I was unable to find an answer to this question anywhere on the Internet.

Note that I am using Axis 1.6


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