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From pino lollo <>
Subject How to run AXIS2 fine on Tomcat behind an Apache server.
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 16:10:12 GMT

How to run AXIS2 fine on Tomcat behind an Apache server. 

I have problem with internet 80 or intranet 8080 wsdl invocation. 

Is there anyone who can show me how to do or can tell me where I am wrong? 

Thanks in advance. 


1 Adsl internet connection, 

1 public ip address:, 

1 router modem, 

1 lan, 

1 pc server (internal ip address 

On the pc server there are: 

1 Apache http server 2.2, 1 Tomcat 6,0. 

Tomcat responds port 8080, Apache http server responds to internet at port 80. 

I have same http applications on Apache http server that work and you can see on internet
at the address: 

I have also same web applicationes on Tomcat that respond in the lan to port 8080 and are
redirected by Apache Http server on Internet: and respond there on port 80.

To do this I configured a virtual server on the modem router so the requests that arrive from
internet at the address and port 80 are redirected to the pc server,
and this works. 

There, on the pc server, the requests on the port 80 are managed by the Apache Http server.
I worked on the file httpd.conf, and I activated the proxy module with these comands: 

LoadModule proxy_module modules/ 

LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/ 

LoadModule proxy_connect_module modules/ 

and I added also these directives: 

ProxyPass /p2p2mpa/ http://localhost:8080/p2p2mpa/ 

ProxyPass /sito/ http://localhost:8080/sito/ 

ProxyPass /ws_p2p2mpa/ http://localhost:8080/ws_p2p2mpa/ 

(/sito/ is for 

/p2p2mpa/ is for 

/ws_p2p2mpa/ if for the axis2 webservice that doesn't work. 

Till now it is all fine. 

Here began the problems. 

I developed, using eclipse, a web application that exposes some webservices. I used axis2.

I placed the war file (ws_p2p2mpa.war) in the webapps Tomcat directory. 

If I invoke the the wsdl file in the lan all works fine: 

at the address 

the axis2 welcom page responds correctly. 

At the address 

Axis2/Tomcat answers with the right wsdl file: it has the right endpoint: 

- <wsdl:port name="WsHttpSoap11Endpoint" binding="ns:WsSoap11Binding"> 

  <soap:address location=""


Instead if I invoke the wsdl file from internet I have some problems: 

If I use this address: 

Axis2 responds, I see the Axis2 welcome page but I cannot see correctly the Axis2 wing images;

if I navigate and I select a link, for example: “Services” it shows and uses this wrong
address: as it was invoked from the lan and
not internet, I aspected: 

If I invoke the wsdl and I use this address 

I see the wsdl file but it has as endpoint address the same it has if it is invoked from the

I aspected 

Therefore I looked around to find a solution, and I found to manage the axis2.xml configuration

I changed the file 

\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ws_p2p2mpa\WEB-INF\conf\axis2.xml 

in this way: 

first, in the transportReceiver section I added this parameter proxyPort = 80: 

that is a look of the transposrtReceiver section: 


- <transportReceiver name="http" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.http.SimpleHTTPServer">

  <parameter name="port">8080</parameter> 

  <parameter name="proxyPort">80</parameter> 
but nothing changed. 

Two, I added this instruction: 

<parameter name="httpFrontendHostUrl"></parameter>
(http without s). 

Then I tested it but it doesn't work again: 

the end point address in the wsdl file doesn't changed, it is always the same, if I invoke
from internet or lan the end point address it is always 

If I invoke the axis2 welcome page from internet it work fine, instead if I invoke the axis2
welcome page from the LAN now it doesn't work. 

I tried with acxis2 1.3 and tomacat 5.0 and apache server 2.2, then I changed and I am working
now with axis2 1.41 and Tomcat 6.0. 

I also added in the httpd.conf the directive: 

ProxyPassReverse /ws_p2p2mpa/ http://localhost:8080/ws_p2p2mpa/ 

It is always the same. 
I am a newbie, it is an excercise that I am trying to do,  it is not for work for now. 
It 2 months that I have this problem and really I looked all around for a solution. 
Help me please. 


Marco Andreolli

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