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From "Stephan A. Maciej" <>
Subject JiBX and attachments
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 09:10:21 GMT

is it possible to use JiBX and, at the same time MTOM, i.e. use  
attachments for transfering large blobs from and to an Axis2 web  

To me it looks like JiBX isn't able to handle the externalization of  
blobs into attachments natively. So I've tried writing a custom JiBX  
marshaller/unmarshaller helper class for handling Java objects that  
represent blobs.

 From what I've seen in the stub code generated by wsdl2java, a  
MessageContext is created before the marshalling takes place.  
MessageContext does have an addAttachment method, so I tried to simply  
call that method from my marshalling helper. However, that doesn't  
work because I have no access to the current message context  
(MessageContext.getCurrentMessageContext() returns null).

So, what would be if the stub code generated by wsdl2java would expose  
the MessageContext to marshalling code? I haven't tried hand-editing  
the stub code yet, because I'm unsure if this scenario would actually  
lead to a working (and sane) mechanism to generate attachments for  
generated SOAP messages. Would it?



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