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From <>
Subject Re: How to update Axis web service?
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

I was able to get the web service updated by changing the "hotupdate" to "true" in axis2.xml,
but I still am wondering, if the "hotupdate" parameter is left at "false", what is the procedure
to update an existing web service?


---- wrote: 
> Hi,
> I just got Axis2 installed, with Tomcat.  
> To get started, I built the quickstart sample by running ant, and then I used the Axis
admin webapp to upload the StockQuoteService.aar, and that worked, i.e., I can access the
web service operations.
> I wanted to modify the StockQuoteService update operation so that it would return something,
so I modified the, and then ran ant again.
> I didn't see something like "delete a service" in the Axis admin, so I tried uploading
the update .aar file, but even after I bounced Tomcat, it looks like it's still using the
original StockQuoteService.  Also, the WSDL that I get when I got to the ?wsdl URL is still
not showing any response for the update operation.
> So, I am wondering, how do I update a web service that has been uploaded?  
> Thanks,
> Jim

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