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From Sumit Gaikaiwari <>
Subject [AXIS2] Migration Issues for Axis1 -> Axis2
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 12:13:12 GMT

I am working on migration of web-services in our project from Axis1 to Axis2. In generating
client/server classes I found those are not equivalent to classes generated by Axis1 WSDL2Java
utility. We have an inheritance hierarchy of data classes created in WSDL.

When java classes are created using Axis1 wsdl2java, it adds a multi-value constructor to
each class which passes values required by super class using super(param1, param2...) and
instantiates it's own instance variable from remaining argument.

Whereas, axis2 wsdl2java do not generate any constructor, so the only constructor which can
be invoked is default constructor. We were using multi-value constructors in earlier business
logic, so if we use these new classes directly, we will have to change code in all such places.
Is there any way Axis2 to generate classes in such manner? Please let me know if I should
add any other option to create such hierarchy. I have tried using ADB and XMLBeans binding.
Below is the command I tried by using ADB binding-

WSDL2Java -uri PlanIntegrationServices1_0.wsdl -d adb -s -o build2 -u

I have also attached wsdl as well as classes generated by axis1 and axis2 style; you can notice
there is a multiple arg constructor in axis1 style classes but not in axis2 generated code.

Kind Regards,
Sumit Gaikaiwari

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