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From JeeM <>
Subject Re: Axis2 server with swing frontend - how do I do this?
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 05:22:28 GMT


Just a quick update for those who might be wondering about this. Hope this
helps. :-)

What I wanted was a simple Swing GUI that displayed messages received from a
In the end I went with this approach:
1. create a Swing app as normal
2. expose a ConcurrentLinkedQueue to store the messages to be displayed
3. implement an Axis2 service (POJO) that deposits all received messages
into #2 above
4. embed the Axis2 SimpleHTTPServer and expose a service based on #3 above
5. implement a separate thread that polled #2 and initiate updates #1 as


JeeM wrote:
> Hi folks
> I found tutorials on Swing frontend acting as an Axis2 client only so far.
> Would you like to seek your advice whether this possible and how to go
> about it. :-)
> Currently I have a POJO with say, a method like 'sayHello' . That method
> echos the message it receives to the command line. When I run it in Axis2,
> Axis2 dynamically generates the WSDL and everything works great - I can
> connect to my POJO and send messages through etc etc.
> Now instead of having my POJO write to the command line, I'd like to first
> have a Swing UI appear. When my client sends messages across I would like
> those messages to appear in, say, a JTextArea (or similar) :)
> The problem is I can't see how to go about this. If I try to have my POJO
> instantiate my Swing UI, nothing happens (no UI appears). On the other
> hand I tried to first instantiate my Swing UI, THEN create my POJO by
> embedding Axis2. This doesn't work either . I also can't figure out how to
> pass parameters between the two classes.
> Appreciate your advice please :)
> Thanks!

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