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Subject Re: [Axis2] Custom name for annotated classes
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 18:01:41 GMT
Im not sure if this helps but i have had success annotating with the 
following classes... 

I have not looked into the WebService class for annotation but that sounds 
like something you might try.

unfortunately, i have had no success annotating with the 
javax.jws.WebResult class. my best guess is that axis2 does not support 
it. i posted a question about it to this user group on january 8th, but so 
far no response.

"Víctor Downs" <>

01/12/2009 09:16 AM
Please respond to

"Víctor Downs" <>

[Axis2] Custom name for annotated classes

Hello everybody

I'm trying to use JAX-WS (annotated classes) on top of Axis2. Although
I've managed to deploy a POJO as a WS correctly, Axis2 names the using
both the service name (SayHiWS) and the port (SayHi), like this:

 > [INFO] Deploying JAXWS annotated class com.test.SayHiWS as a service
- SayHiWS.SayHi

So, in order to bind to the service, my client needs to point to this

 > http://testdomain/Test/services/SayHiWS.SayHi?wsdl

Is there a way to set the name to just "SayHiWS"? So far I've tried to
supply a custom "services.xml", but this deploys the WS twice with both

Thanks in advance

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