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From Sebastian Van Sande <>
Subject Re: Reload keystore file
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:59:58 GMT
Hi Nandana,

Thanks for your reply. If I use a custom SSL Socket Factory for my 'custom
protocol' and use this as the SSL default protocol handler with this code:

new Protocol("https", new MySSLSocketFactory(), 443));

... will Axis2 detect this and use my custom Protocol and

I see that I can use AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory as my custom SSL Socket
Factory to make use of my keystore and force reloading.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards,

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Nandana Mihindukulasooriya <> wrote:

> I assume you use Axis2 as a web service client. I think better solution for
> you would be to use a custom SSL Socket factory to handle your scenario. You
> can find more information on how to implement and use a custom SSL Socket
> factory here [1]. You can also raise the question in commons http client
> list too.
> thanks,
> nandana
> [1] -
> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 1:56 PM, Sebastian Van Sande <
>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for your reply, Yves Marie!
>> Unfortunately, restarting the application is something we don't want since
>> this application will run 24/7 in a production environment.
>> I'm looking for a way to let Axis2 know to reload the keystore file, at
>> runtime without restarting my application.
>> I know *when* it has to reload the keystore file, I just don't know *how*
>> to do this in code.
>> If anyone knows how to let Axis2 reload the keystore file, let me know!
>> Kind regards,
>> Sebastian
>> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 9:11 AM, DANIEL, Yves Marie <
>>> wrote:
>>>  Hi !
>>> With a Jonas application server and a mutual authentication with SSL, we
>>> find that we had to restart Jonas so it could see change the changes of path
>>> or content for keystores. It seems to be the same with tomcat, don't know if
>>> it Axis2 or the application server.
>>> Yves-Marie
>>>  ------------------------------
>>> *De :* Sebastian Van Sande []
>>> *Envoyé :* jeudi 29 janvier 2009 08:07
>>> *À :*
>>> *Objet :* Re: Reload keystore file
>>> Does anyone have a clue how I can refresh the keystore in axis2?
>>> Thank you.
>>> On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 10:56 AM, Sebastian Van Sande <
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have a problem with Axis2.
>>>> At my project, we have an Microsoft Exchange 2007, and some other
>>>> project has created an API to interact with this Exchange server with the
>>>> help of Axis2.
>>>> This other project uses a Websphere server to manage a keystore to do
>>>> basic authentication over SSL.
>>>> My application on the otherhand runs as a standalone application, and I
>>>> have to manage the keystore myself.
>>>> Now, I managed to use this keystore to calling the Exchange 2007 Web
>>>> services over SSL, and it works great.
>>>> But, as you probably know, certificates expire ... and they have to get
>>>> renewed.
>>>> So, I managed to create something a 'KeyStoreManager' that will fetch
>>>> the new certificates from the Exchange server and put it in the keystore
>>>> file.
>>>> And this works great as well .. *IF* I restart my application.
>>>> When my application modifies the keystore file, it looks like Axis2 is
>>>> using some caching mechanism. Because when I make the web service call again
>>>> (after inserting the new certificate in my keystore), it can't authenticate
>>>> because it cached the keystore file in memory.
>>>> To specify the keystore to Axis2, I use this code:
>>>>             System.setProperty("",
>>>> "/path/to/keystore.jks");
>>>>             System.setProperty("",
>>>> "thisisnottherealpassword");
>>>> To extract the new certificate and add it to my keystore, I use code
>>>> based on the one you can find at
>>>> The problem is: when the keystore file is updated with the new
>>>> certificate, axis2 doesn't seem to know about it because it uses a cached
>>>> version of the keystore file.
>>>> So my question is: how can I clear this axis2 keystore cache in some way
>>>> so axis2 will be forced to read the keystore file again?
>>>> Thank you for your help,
>>>> Kind regards,
>>>> Sebastian
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