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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: AXIS2-4050 Client Proxy Authentication Failed, Screwed up http headers
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:51:01 GMT
Hi Conal
> Our fix for this will be to set the HTTPConstants.CHUNKED property to 
> "false".  This results in the Content-Length header getting used 
> instead of the Transfer-Encoding one.  As our messages are fairly 
> small I don't think this will be an issue.
> Our system administrator will be following up with Microsoft to see 
> what the issue is with the ISA server.
Good to hear!.. Chunking should be supported if ISA supports HTTP 1.1.. 
and results in better performance, as the payload does not have to be 
fully buffered in memory to compute its length before starting to write it
> Thanks Andreas and Asankha for your help with this.
You are welcome, and thanks for updating everyone else with the solution 
that worked for you, so that it adds to the knowledge base of problems 
and solutions


Asankha C. Perera

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