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From "Zouhdi Haffar" <>
Subject ServiceTCCL and service isolation
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2009 23:34:16 GMT

     If we set ServiceTCCL in services.xml, what effect will that have
on service isolation?  We have packaged our web service as an AAR and
have deployed multiple versions of this AAR in the services folder.
Unfortunately, a jar we have included (Rome for RSS) is not able to load
its property files since it requests the resource from the class loader
of the current thread.  To mitigate this we read about setting the
ServiceTCCL parameter but we are worried how this will affect the
isolation between each version of our AARs.  Also, should we use
composite or service?  Thanks.




Zouhdi El Haffar
Senior Consultant

19111 North Dallas Pkwy 
Dallas, TX 75287

Tel: 972-789-1200
Fax: 972-789-1340


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