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From javier <>
Subject faulty services using embedded axis server
Date Sat, 17 Jan 2009 20:08:12 GMT
Hello everybody!

I've followed [1] to embed an Axis2 server into my standalone app but I have some problems.
Using latest stable release of Axis2 I included  as dependencies in the POM: wsdl4j, commons-logging,
XmlSchema, backport-util-concurrent, neethi, commons-httpclient, commons-fileupload, woden-api,
woden-impl-dom, httpcore, axiom-api, axiom-impl and axis2 (I don't list the transitive dependencies
of each package but he project builds fine) Then when I check the URL of the server I only

Faulty Services

I'm using the default repository dir. and the axis2.xml file of a clean Axis installation
in the context configuration. 

I forgot something? Do you have any idea? 

Last question: (I hope someone can help me), the final goal for embedding axis2 is to work
with JAX-WS services. Do I need an additional configuration to launch my server?

thanx in advance



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