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Subject axis2 - creating a customer exception
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 16:49:30 GMT
I have created a custom exception and it is being throw by the web 
service. The exception has two fields and getter and setter methods for 
those fields. Those fields are being set by the service before it throws 
the customer exception.  On the client side, the only exception I am able 
to catch is  AxisFault exception. In that class, I cannot seem to find the 
custom exception I threw, or the fields I set on the custom exception. 

I am creating the web service from POJO's and a services.xml file. The 
WSDL is auto generated when I deploy the web service to axis2 inside of 
Tomcat.  Therefore, I have no control over the content of the WSDL. 
I am also using Axis2 to create the client. I am using the wsdl2java 
utility the auto generates the Stub class from the WSDL.  I have googled 
this issue and by all accounts it seems that catching an AxisFault 
exception is what the client should do if using Axis2 to autogenerate the 
stubs from the WSDL. But how do i access the custom exception I threw and 
access the fields I set on the custom exception?   
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