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From <>
Subject AW: Large xml response
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 13:07:44 GMT
I probably should have invested more time into research myself. I have
found an option in the tomcat configuration. I haven't tried it yet, but
it looks promising. You can configure the HTTP connector of your tomcat
(or similar server) to use HTTP compression.

For more details on HTTP compression have a look at:




I thought into the same direction that not the SOAP framework but the
underlying transport framework should take care of this, e.g. like the
tomcat my webapp is running on. Is there somehow an option to do this?


With such an option I then might run into interoperability issues on the
other hand or is there a standard solution for such an issue?





I believe this would be a configuration option in Apache to gzip


Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 9:38 AM
Subject: Large xml response


Hi group,


I have read some earlier threads but haven't found an answer there.

I want to implement a web service which will forward large xml strings
which it receives via backend services. I have a few points where I want
to ask if there is a standard solution.


- Does Axis offer some standard mechanism to compress the contents which
it delivers back? The packed size of the xml might be around 5mb which
should be ok to return.

- Is there a way to make Axis not (de)serializing the whole xml? AXIOM
is going in that direction that it parses on demand, so I might save
memory if I just take the OMElement I get via the backend services and
return it with my service. What do you think?


I am helpful for any hints to a solution.




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