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From Ricky Murphy <>
Subject [Axis2] WSDL2Java and its destination folder 'src'
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 03:01:52 GMT

I am using wsdl2java to generate stubs for my client. I used the "o" switch to specify the
output directory and -p for my package. Say, I specify my my o to be current directory (i.e.
".")package to be "com.test". All my stubs were generated in correct package but inside a
newly created "src" directory (e.g. my MySvcStub will be in src/com/test directory). Is there
any way to generate all stubs without putting them in the "src" folder? (any settings somewhere?)
 (visually see below). 

The reason being under my existing "src" I have a "java" folder all my packages are inside
"java" directory, I also have a property directory under "src" for my configurations. my wsdl2java.bat
is inside src/java. I want to put my generated stubs in the same place (src/java) where other
class files are, not under "src/java/src". I remembered that the package was generated right
where you specified without being put under some auto generated "src". Please help. 

This is what is now: after wsdl2java.bat -o . -p com.test -uri http://localhost:8080/mySvc/...?wsdl
  |   |_com
  |      |_xyz
  |        |
  |      |__conf.prperties
  |      |__ ...
 This is what i want:
    |   |_com
    |      |_xyz
    |      |  |
    |      |
    |      |_test
    |         |
           |__ ...
Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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