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From "Marc F." <>
Subject Re: Problem related to ADB when transferring a byte array
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 01:11:11 GMT

Marc F. wrote:
> To demonstrate a possible bug in ADB Webservice I attached a zip file,
> containing two aar files, and the source code as well.
> There is a very simple service in those two aar files. Actually, this
> service does the same thing in both aar files, but one is XML Beans
> version, and the other is ADB version.
> Basically the service consists on the following steps:
> 1)In the client side:
> 1.1)Build a XML content, according to a defined XML Schema.
> 1.2)Encript this XML content, using symmetric criptography, with AES
> (Advanced Encryption Standard) and 128 bits key.
> 1.3)Send this encrypted XML content to the webservice.
> 1.4)Receive the result of the webservice call, which is another encrypted
> XML content.
> 1.5)Decrypt the received encrypted XML content.
> 1.6)Validate the XML content against another defined XML schema.
> 2)In the server side (webservice side):
> 2.1)Receive the encrypted XML content sent by the client.
> 2.2)Decrypt the encrypted XML content.
> 2.3)Validate the XML content against a defined XML schema.
> 2.4)Extract a certain string from the XML content.
> 2.5)Build another XML content, adding the extracted string.
> 2.6)Encrypt the XML content.
> 2.7)Sent the encrypted XML content back to the client.
> There are two classes that represent the client code:
> com.bug.axis2.test.XMLBeansTestClass and com.bug.axis2.test.ADBTestClass.
> The problem happens when the ADB version of the webservice is called. Just
> run ADBTestClass in order to reproduce it. The problem is related to the
> length of the byte array that is being transferred. Sometimes the
> webservice receives a byte array with less elements than the expected.
> Sometimes the client receives a byte array with less elements than the
> expected. When the byte array has the wrong quantity of elements the
> following exception is thrown, in the moment of decryption:
> javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length must be multiple of
> 16 when decrypting with padded cipher
> But there are times in which eveything works correctly. Please, have a
> look at the source code of the com.bug.axis2.helpers.UtilClass, in the
> generateRequestXML() method. Read the comments I let in this method, and
> comment/uncomment the lines in order to reproduce those situations.
> In XML Beans version of the webservice the problem never happens.
> The source codes were compiled with Java 5, and the test was done using
> Tomcat 5.5.26. But the problem is not related to the environment, neither
> to the Java version. The problem is a possible bug in ADB.
> The Axis2 version is 1.4.1.
> The zip file contains two directories in its root: "testbug" and
> "WEB-INF". To install this content in the axis2 web application just
> extract the content of the zip file in the root directory of the axis2 web
> application. After finishing this, the "testbug" directory should be in
> the root directory of the axis2 web application, or in other words, the
> "testbug" directory should be in the same level of WEB-INF directory.
> Obviously, the content of "WEB-INF" in the zip file should be put inside
> the WEB-INF directory of the axis2 web application. Please notice that it
> is assumed that the context root of the axis2 web application is
> "Axis2BugADB", but you can change it if you want. You would just have to
> recompile two source codes, com.bug.axis2.test.ADBTestClass and
> com.bug.axis2.test.XMLBeansTestClass and rebuild the aar files, editing
> the wsdl file and those two java source codes with the new context root
> defined by you.
> Please tell me if the impression I am having indicates a real bug or not,
> when you have time to run the webservices in the zip file. If this is not
> a bug, please, tell me how to solve the problem.
> Thank you, and sorry my poor English.

Hi, please, if you discovered something, notify me.

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