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From "Howell, David" <>
Subject Re-generating an Axis 1.4 Web Service in Eclipse?
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 16:44:25 GMT


I'm using Eclipse Europa and Axis 1.4 (i.e. not Axis2) to generate a Web
service in a top-down manner from a wsdl file I have created. This was
working fine, and I was able to generate server-side stubs and develop
my service until I wanted to alter the wsdl and change some of the
elements used in the message definitions (it's a doc/literal service).


I tried to recreate the service from the wsdl by re-running the Web
Service "wizard" without doing anything else to the Eclipse project and
started to get class not found exceptions associated with generated
classes corresponding to an XML element I was no longer using. (I'd post
the exception details, but I no longer have the console output.)


=> Is there something I should have done at this point equivalent to a
clean and re-build action?



Assuming that there were stale build products in my project I deleted
the WebContent folder, hoping that the Web Service wizard / codegen
tools would recreate everything necessary. What I find now is that some
of the files in this folder are generated anew: the WEB-INF  and lib
folders are there, and the generated classes are in the src folder tree.


But other files are missing, and the service can't be deployed to
Tomcat: no META-INF folder, no server-config.wsdd or web.xml.


=> Is there anything I can do at this point to get the Axis 1.4 Web
service tools to generate all the appropriate artefacts as though it was
doing it for the first time? 





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