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From David Ojeda <>
Subject More questions about maven and axis2
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 15:52:42 GMT
Hello all,

I have some questions about using maven and axis2. I am using maven 2.0.9, 
axis2 1.4.1, axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin 1.4.1.

Here is my situation:
Right now I just want to have a project that generates the client stub for a 
webservice. I need to use xmlbeans over other databindings.

I set up a pom to do this:

<project xmlns="" 

The first problem I encountered was that I had to explicitly declare the 
axis2-xmlbeans dependecy. No big deal there.
Then, I was having the TypeHolder class problem that xmlbeans usually has when 
the schemaorg_apache_xmlbeans directory is not in the classpath. That's why I 
had to add to the pom a resource in the build section. It seems like the 
plugin doesn't work as it should, because I believe this step should not be 

Now I want to add another wsdl so another stub is generated. I plan to have 
10-20 wsdl in this project so all stubs are generated here. 

My first question is: how do I add another wsdl? I checked
and there is no documentation for this scenario.

Second question: I would rather generate xmlbeans classes separately and tell 
wsdl2code to only generate stubs with the -Ewdc option. Is this possible with 
the axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin ? Again, the documentation doesn't say 
anything about this feature.

Third question: axis2 and maven users: how do you structure your projects with 
maven? I am really interested specially if my first and second questions are 
no and no. Do you use a module for each webservice client and webservice 
I was hoping to have a module for all webservices client and another one for 
the server implementations (although one module per ws implementation works 
for me too).

Thanks for you attention

David Ojeda

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