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From "Igor Nogueira" <>
Subject Re: In-flow request insertion
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2008 17:39:57 GMT
> I am not clear about your requirement. But may be looking at Axis2
> clustering would be usefull to you.
>   Amila, Basically I want to do this: I have several services distributed
on several servers. Only one of them will process client's requests- the
primary one. If the primary fails, then one of the sleeping replicas will be
elected as the new primary and will respond to the client's invocations from
this moment on. My problem is: If the primary fails processing a specific
client's invocation   the new elected primary must be aware of the client's
address in order to process and answer this request. On the next requests
the client will invoke the new functional primary, so there's no problem.
 On clustering used by Axis, all requests are spread to all replicas, ins't
it? In passive replication, only primary receives client's requests while
the replicas sleep. If the primary fails, a replica will be elected new


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