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From "Marc F." <>
Subject Re: Axis2 and Tomcat 5.0.28 commons-logging-api
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 22:29:11 GMT

Marc F. wrote:
> I think I figured out what´s going on, and I think now I know how to solve
> my problem. If I am wrong, anyone, please tell me.
> When I tried to replace the [CATALINA_HOME]/bin/commons-logging-api.jar by
> that one that comes with Axis2 (commons-logging-1.1.1.jar), actually, I
> tried to replace the API (Application Programming Interface) by the FULL
> IMPLEMENTATION. This jar file replacement is not correct, according to the
> following web page from the commons-logging official site I´ve found,
> where explains exactly what I want to know:
> Containers With Custom ClassLoading Behaviour for Logging (Tomcat) 
> Thanks again, and again, and again, for all those detailed informations
> you, commons-logging development team, provide to us. Oh, no surprise, we
> are talking about Apache, we are talking about the Apache team!
> Congratulations for this very well done work, guys, especially when it
> comes to providing useful, detailed, and essential informations.
> I quoted a piece of the text that I consider important:
> If you do wish to update Tomcat's version of commons-logging, then you
> must use the commons-logging-1.1-api jar only, not the full jar.
> Then, after reading this web page, I simply downloaded
> "commons-logging-api-1.1.1.jar", and put in in the [CATALINA_HOME]/bin/
> directory. I´ve also renamed this jar file to "commons-logging-api.jar".
> Certainly the commons-logging jar file that comes with Axis2 is the full
> jar, not the API jar. That´s probably why when I tried to put this jar
> file in the [CATALINA_HOME]/bin/ directory I had problems in the
> initialization of the axis2 context.
> Now I am not having any kind of problem.
> I think there are two possible solutions:
> (1)In the [CATALINA_HOME]/bin/ directory, replace the version 1.0.4 of
> commons-logging-api.jar by the newer version 1.1.1 of the API, without
> forgetting to rename the jar file (the jar file name must be
> "commons-logging-api.jar", if we decide to put in in the
> [CATALINA_HOME]/bin/ directory).
> (2)Maintain the version 1.0.4 in the [CATALINA_HOME]/bin/ directory, and
> put the newer version 1.1.1 in the [CATALINA_HOME]common/endorsed/. This
> solution does not require jar file renaming.
> I tested these two solutions, and apparently both works fine, both works
> equally. At least until now everything is working according to my
> expectations. If I have to choose one, I´d choose the solution (1), but I
> really do not know which is better.

I have to point people out about an article written by Ceki G&uuml;lc&uuml;
(one of the programmers, maybe the main programmer, that developed Log4j).
Ceki G&uuml;lc&uuml; also wrote the book "The complete Log4j manual". So, I
think we can trust the article: Taxonomy of class loader problems
encountered when using Jakarta Commons Logging 

In the article he strongly recommends to NOT include commons-logging.jar and
log4j.jar in the web-applications' WEB-INF/lib/ directory, if Tomcat is
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