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From Ian Ashley <>
Subject Axis1 client talking to Axis2 server and MTOM
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 10:53:29 GMT
I have an axis1 client talking to either an axis1 or axis2 server and need
the servers to send compatible XML.

I can get this work for requests that donĀ¹t have attachments. For the
requests that have attachments the axis1 server has no namespace defined for
the tag (the asset tag in the example below) whereas the axis2 server leaves
the namespace defined. This means that the code generated by WSDL2Java
cannot find the asset element in the axis1 client when sending an attachment
from the axis2 server or in the axis2 server when sending an attachment from
the axis1 client.

The axis1 client to the axis1 server works fine as both expect the tag to
have no namespace.

An example of the message sent from the axis1 client is

    <GetAssetResponse xmlns="~/WebServices/">
      <checkedOut xsi:type="xsd:boolean">true</checkedOut>
      <asset href="cid:96D0FDF090417F92E5CC880A30C72560" xmlns=""/>

I have separate WSDLs for the axis1 and axis2 servers to get the attachments
to work. Is there a way to alter either of the WSDLs so that either the
axis1 client and server include a namespace in the asset tag or that the
axis2 doesn't clears the namespace of the asset tag?


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