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From "Talbott, Thomas" <>
Subject Re: Hot update: Too Many Open Files
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 17:08:56 GMT
Hello Martin,

Forgive me, but I am having a hard time figuring out what your are
responding to.  Must be the long weekend...

What exactly do you intend these to be applied to?  The temporary files?

Personally, I still think we are dealing with a leak of class loaders
(aren't being cleaned up when they are no longer in use).  In the case of
Steve, it is likely a similar issue.  The only difference is that when he
shuts down, there is still no cleanup of the class loaders.


On 8/29/08 6:36 PM, "Martin Gainty" <> wrote:

> set sticky bit off so other users (other than root) can access
> chmod chmod [OPTION]... MODE[,MODE]... FILE...
> if the file is located on linux extended file use
> chattr [ -RV ] [ -v version ] [ mode ] files...
> Martin
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>> From:
>> To:
>> Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 21:04:25 -0400
>> Subject: Re: Hot update: Too Many Open Files
>> Hello Steve,
>> We are not running under VMWare. I would say that our situation is similar,
>> but not the same. In your previous messages you say:
>> ³A new set gets generated each time I restart Tomcat. On my Windows XP
>> system, these are deleted each time Tomcat stops, but not on our Linux
>> (CentOS) systems.²
>> In our case, we are trying to deploy without restarting Tomcat. We have the
>> following set in axis2.xml:
>> <parameter name="hotdeployment">true</parameter>
>> <parameter name="hotupdate">true</parameter>
>> When we copy the updated aar file into the WEB-INF/services directory of the
>> axis2 webapp, temporary files are created in the work directory. The next
>> time we update aar file, more files are created in the work directory. When
>> I shutdown tomcat, the files ARE cleaned up. But, if I don't shutdown
>> tomcat, file handles are left open for every one of these temporary files!
>> So, soon, we run out of file handles.
>> As I mentioned in my original message, we want to do this for staging and we
>> are not looking for this to be a production solution. As far as I can tell,
>> we should be able to shutdown tomcat, deploy the aar, and restart tomcat in
>> production without the problems you are seeing. We may just need to resort
>> to the same solution in production.
>> It would seem, given our joint experience, that there is an issue with the
>> the temporary files used for deployment and update. Given what Deepal says:
>> "Yes , Axis2 creates temp files from your services and modules , and
>> create a class loader from that. In that way we can ensure better
>> performance. This help us a lot when we have service aar or mar with
>> third party library inside it."
>> It would appear that there is an issue with the class loader that is
>> created. In the "update" scenario, I wonder if the class loaders are
>> leaking (old class loaders not going away) after a service is updated.
>> Current evidence for this is that my files do eventually get cleaned up and
>> I assume that the class loader is doing this once it finally goes away.
>> But, there may be some management process that is responsible for this. I
>> have not looked into the code.
>> Anyone with insight into this?
>> Thanks,
>> -Tom
>> On 8/29/08 2:22 PM, ""
>> <> wrote:
>>> Thomas,
>>> This is very similar to two threads I started, one in May ("cached archive
>>> files not deleted") and one in July ("Axis2 work files not deleted").
>>> I did not here reports from anyone else experiencing this. Particularly
>>> interesting because our environment is similar:
>>> Tomcat 5.5.17
>>> CentOS 4.3
>>> Axis2 1.3
>>> Are you by any chance running your OS under VMWare??
>>> Anyway, the solution (or workaround) is to deploy your web services and
>>> modules as an exploded directory structure rather than an AAR or MAR
>>> archive. One of the posts in the second thread has more details.
>>> - Steve
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