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From "Dilshener Tezcan (extern HVB IS - UniCredit Group)" <>
Subject Part 'fault' of fault message must be defined with 'element=QName' and not 'type=QName'
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 15:37:30 GMT
Hi all,
I am trying to generate Axis2 java proxies using the org.apache.axis2.wsdl.WSDL2Java and getting
the following error from 

[ERROR] Part 'fault' of fault message '{}WfMqWorkflowServiceSOAPException'

must be defined with 'element=QName' and not 'type=QName'

The wsdl is from an earlier version of the axis framework which is productive and we are in
the process of migrating to axis2.
Searching in internet I found the following JIRA
which tells me that "Fault error is to do with RPC style, that must be document/literal."

So having change my <wsdlsoap:binding style= to "document",  gives me the following error.
": No element type is defined for message"
This means that the wsdl:part should point to an element instead of type

Hmmmm... looks like I am running in circles in here.
1-)Does this mean I have to change the WDL completely to conform to Axis2?
2-)Can I access axis1 webservice from axis2 webservice?
3-)has anyone experienced similar problems?
4-)Can you help me further?

Many thanks in advance

Tezcan Dilshener 
Satz Software & Consulting GmbH

HVB Information Services GmbH
Member of UniCredit Group 
HII3ES Development Services Client Server 
Am Tucherpark 12 
D-80538 München 

Tel: +49 89 378-26378 

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