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From Bartholodeus <>
Subject Axis2 webservice over https in Tomcat
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2008 14:44:52 GMT


I am currently running an axis2 v1.3 webservice with https support. I made
the webservice with java2wsdl and wsdl2java with the eclipse codegen plugin.
In my scenario Axis and Tomcat are both deployed in JBoss. What I do not
fully understand is how they work together especially with https. As I
understand it Axis is deployed in Tomcat and Tomcat is deployed in JBoss so
the https request of the client reaches Tomcat first (maybe even something
before) and is forwarded to axis then. So far I have read about 2
possibilities to configure the server to accept https with authentication in
2 ways (client auth = true):

1.) Configure Tomcat (This is what I am using and which is working)
Uncommenting the SSL/TLS Connector in the server.xml in the tomcat home
directory and setting client auth = true and the server keystore and
truststore files.
The clients key- and truststore files are set over System properties.

2.) Configure Axis
Adding the following to the service.xml

and uncomment the section in axis2.xml 
<transportReceiver name="https"
and add the corresponding server key- and truststores (as above)

Also the client system properties have to been set as above.

My questions are:
1.) Did I understand the connection between jboss, tomcat and axis
2.) As I did not try the second possibility: Did I describe it correctly or
is there to be done something else?
3.) Are these indeed the 2 possibilities to enable https support? Which of
the two do I have to configure?
4.) How can I configure that this particular webservice can only be accessed
by https? Obviously the https-transport tag in the second possibility does
that (if I described it correctly) but how do I do it in the first
5.) The https connection is around 50 times slower then the http connection.
Is there a possibility to speed things up? There are several other post
about this issue in this forum and other forums but none of them got an

Thank you very much for your help,

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