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From "Simon Oldham" <>
Subject Axis <multiRef> elements
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 14:20:45 GMT

I had an issue on a project recently with Apache Axis sending Multi
Reference values to a JWSDP 1.1 Web Service. The problem was solved by
advising the client to turn off multiRefs in Axis. (I know RPC/Encoded is
deprecated but this is legacy tech).

Anyway, this incident got me curious and investigating what these
"multirefs" were. I can see from reading the SOAP 1.1 spec that they fall
under the (now deprecated) Section 5 Encoding.

However, one thing still puzzles me when Googling on this subject and that
is the existence of a "multiRef" element in SOAP responses - I believe they
would be referred to as "property accessors"? Are these purely an Apache
Axis invention (I certainly can't find any trace of them in the SOAP spec)
and, if so, why (given that they are not in the SOAP specification)?

If somebody could explain this in detail I would very grateful as I am the
type of guy that can't rest until I fully understand something. :-)

Thanks in advance,


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