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From Rodrigo Ruiz <>
Subject Revision of the Apache Addressing project
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 10:59:05 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am currently working on the integration of several web and grid 
service client frameworks (GT4, UNICORE, GRIA, OGSA-DAI, Fura, ...) 
trying to use them from the same JVM.

All of these projects have Axis 1.x as a common denominator, and all of 
them use custom versions of the Apache Addressing library. 
Unfortunately, each project has performed a different set of 
modifications on the library, and the resulting versions are not compatible.

I know the Apache Addressing project was closed several years ago, and 
now it can only be found in the archives of the apache repository. I 
have looked at the modifications of some of the above commented 
projects, and found out that it is possible to create a single version 
that would work for all of them. My understanding is that such a library 
would be of interest to a moderately large community, as many of these 
frameworks will not move to Axis2 in at least one or two years.

So, this post is for asking three questions:

* Would anybody involved in any of the mentioned projects like to 
collaborate in creating a single, common library that matches their needs?
* Is it OK for the original authors of the library if I use a different 
hosting provider for the releases? (after all, I am not an Apache commiter)
* Would it be OK to post the release announcements in this list, even if 
the project is not hosted at Apache?


GRID SYSTEMS, S.A.             Rodrigo Ruiz
Parc Bit - Edificio 17         Research Coordinator
07121 Palma de Mallorca
Baleares - Spain               Tel: +34 971 435 085    Fax: +34 971 435 082

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