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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Serialization of Wrapped WSDL Parameter Objects
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2008 06:17:22 GMT
Curtis Jensen wrote:
> I'm using Axis2 to generate web service clients.  Everything is 
> working fine.
> Now, I need to generate the SOAP XML string of what would be sent 
> through HTTP so that I can save it for processing later.  I can get a 
> handle to the the java object Axis generated to represent the web 
> service parameter.  I can create the Call object and the 
> OperationDescription for the call.  I'm having trouble generating the 
> SOAP XML.  I've tried a couple of different things (some hackish, some 
> less hackish).  I can never quite generate the exact XML that Axis is 
> sending (I created a proxy service to capture the exact SOAP that Axis 
> is sending).  Does someone have experience with this?  Can they're 
> share a little code example to get me going?

Have you had a look at the ligging module sample. That shows you how you 
could capture the SOAP messages, incomming and out going. You may 
improve that sample to fit your needs.


> Also, I then need to do the reverse.  Take the response SOAP XML 
> string and convert it into its Java object class instance.
> Thanks,
> Curtis

Samisa Abeysinghe

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