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From "Jones, Alan R" <>
Subject Identifying the correct classloader
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 17:11:15 GMT
I checked the list archives, but cannot seem to find the answer to my
issue: I have a binary (package) compiled in JBoss Rules. My axis2
service operates on this package/uses the package once it receives a
request to do so. 
I cannot have the data model jar with which the package was originally
compiled in my .aar file. So, I want to have a directory that can be
accessed via URL, and drop the data model jar into this directory. I
would then use a URLClassLoader when my service recieves the request to
load all the classes in this jar. 
The problem is, I still get a ClassNotFoundException when I try to
operate/load said package. I have tried getting the classloader from the
MessageContext and casting this to a URLClassloader as I have seen
examples, and getting the parent classloader, getting just about every
classloader but still get the exception. Of course, as documented in
many other list posts, if i drop the jar into WEB-INF/lib it all works
QUestion: How do I access THAT classloader (or, what is the correct
classloader) from within my service code, to see success here?


Alan J 

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