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Subject Re: Problem with setting boolean to nil
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 06:12:21 GMT
Thanks for your reply Amila.

I have tried as you suggested, but am getting compile errors now when 

This is the code snippet generated to delcare the boolean attriute.


                        * field for IgnoreConflict
                         protected java.lang.Boolean localIgnoreConflict ;
                           * Auto generated getter method
                           * @return java.lang.Boolean
                           public  java.lang.Boolean getIgnoreConflict(){
                               return localIgnoreConflict;

                               * Auto generated setter method
                               * @param param IgnoreConflict
                               public void 
setIgnoreConflict(java.lang.Boolean param){


which it has created as a Boolean

however the code generated to set this value is :

                                  while (!reader.isStartElement() && 
                                    if (reader.isStartElement() && new 
                                       nillableValue = 
                                       if (!"true".equals(nillableValue) 
&& !"1".equals(nillableValue)){
                                    java.lang.String content = 
                                       } else {
                                           reader.getElementText(); // 
throw away text nodes if any.

Note the call to setIgnoreConflict, which uses 
This method returns a boolean, not a Boolean.


    public static boolean convertToBoolean(String s) {

        boolean returnValue = false;
        if ((s != null) && (s.length() > 0)) {
            if ("1".equals(s) || s.toLowerCase().equals("true")) {
                returnValue = true;
            } else if (!"0".equals(s) && !s.toLowerCase().equals("false")) 
                throw new RuntimeException("in valid string -" + s + " for 
boolean value");
        return returnValue;


Hence causing the compile error.

Is this a known problem, or have I done something wrong during the 
If it is a known problem, I'm guessing I will have to modify the 
convertToBoolean method (assuming nothing else uses it), or is there 
another way around this problem??



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