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From "Pablo Melchi" <>
Subject Deserialization problems
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 15:30:32 GMT
Hi everybody.

I have included some more details of the problem

First... this is a rpc/encoded service so I'm using Axis (1)

The problem is that I have this SOAP message (I've attached both messages):

The only difference in the messages is the position of the element "<return

When axis tries to get the first element and start the deserialization it
gets the first element in the first position (NS2:Par1) and solve all the
references fine.

But when it reach the end it finds the element "<return href="#1"/>" and it
cannot deserialize it (and it should not because it would create an infinite
loop). I think that the obvious solution would be to fix the (get first
element from axis)

Now if the element "<return href="#1"/>" is at the begging (like in the
good.xml) axis can deserialize the whole message with no problem

So I have a couple of questions:
First: Is this XML well formed in both cases? I mean the position of the
elements really matters?
Second: What would be better try to implement support in axis2 for
rpc/encoded or fix axis(1) to support this message?

Thank you!
-Pablo Melchi

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