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From "keith chapman" <>
Subject Re: pushing REST support in axis2 a little beyond sanity ?
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 14:49:50 GMT

See my comments inline,

On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 1:41 PM, Xavier Drudis Ferran <> wrote:

> On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 04:50:46AM +0530, keith chapman wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Sorry for the late reply on this. (I saw this mail on the list a couple
> of
> > weeks ago while I was traveling on some urgent matters, I kept the mail
> > marked so that I can have a look at it later).
> >
> Thanks for replying.
> > On the issue of returning a POX error (
> > I recall fixing this
> > 1.3, hence can you try this scenario out using Axis2 1.4?
> >
> I'll try  when I can allocate a little time to it (now I was moved to other
> tasks). I hope this does not change requirements too much, it's an
> old web app that requires some old stuff, and changing versions of
> libraries sometimes is a bit of a headache. I didn't see your reply
> to the bug, although I thought I was watching the bug.

I could point you to the commit that fixed this issue. But then  you will
have to apply that patch against the version you are running to get it

> > BTW Axis2 does support all four HTTP methods GET, PUT, POST and DELETE
> hence
> > it has full fledged REST support.
> >
> Ok. I didn't mean to talk about whether Axis2 supports full REST but
> about the fact that my simple example, just a GET for accessing remote
> data without any other functionality, possibly does not allow to
> distinguish POX from REST.

You mean distinguish weather the response was POX or  REST? I didn't really
get what you mean here.

> > Also you seem to use WSDL first deployment and I think you might be using
> > WSDL 1.1. If you try using WSDL 2.0 (Which is much simpler that WSDL 1.1)
> > you can get better control over the REST support in Axis2, and if you are
> > interested in giving a try I can help you on this.
> >
> Oops, I didn't even realise what version of WSDL I'm using. I guess
> it's 1.1, yes . It's auto generated from that xslt I adapted, and the
> topmost element is
> <wsdl:definitions xmlns:xsd=""
>                  xmlns:wsdl=""
>                  xmlns:wsdlsoap=""
>                  name="getRequestList"
>                  targetNamespace="">
>  ...
> Yes this is a WSDL 1.1 doc. You can tell it by looking at the parent tag
> and the namespace of course.
> I'll read a bit about WSDL versions, thanks for the hint.
> But do you think WSDL 2.0 allows me to define a webservice that
> can get an XML with an element containing an arbitrary number of
> unknown subelements in any order, as long as some subset
> of known subelements is present,
> and also in any order ? I still haven't found a way to declare
> that with XSD (other than disabling validation for the enclosing
> element, and therefore having to detect absence of the compulsory
> elements by Java code, outside XSD).

WSDL 2.0 is designed to use any type system, But at the moment its only XSD
that we support. So using WSDL 2.0 will not give you any advantage in
describing the schema.
I didn't really understand your requirement here again. But if you want the
elements to be in any order you can use <all> instead of <sequence> inside
the complexType. May be i can give you a better answer if you can explain
this a bit more.


> Thank you very much, and sorry to make you wait for a better answer.
> --
> Xavi Drudis Ferran
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Keith Chapman
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WSO2 Inc.
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