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From "Glen Verran" <>
Subject [axis2] java2wsdl - missing enum
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 10:48:34 GMT
Hi folks,
I am generating my WSDL from java using ?wsdl in the browser for my web
service.  I am using Axis2 1.4 and running on Tomcat 5.5.26.
I have a single class as a parameter for one of the methods of the
webservice.  One of the variables in that class is of the type below.
@XmlType(name = "DataEncodingType")
public enum DataEncodingType {
    private final String value;
    DataEncodingType(String v) {
        value = v;
    public String value() {
        return value;
    public static DataEncodingType fromValue(String v) {
        for (DataEncodingType c: DataEncodingType.values()) {
            if (c.value.equals(v)) {
                return c;
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(v);
As you can see, this is a JAXB generated class.

But when I generate the WSDL, the complex type that represents this
class, looks like this:
<xs:complexType name="DataEncodingType">
    <xs:extension base="xs:Enum">
This is not correct as i am expecting to see the enum values represented
in the class above, present in the complexType.
Can somebody please let me know how to fix this?   This used to work a
while back, but for some reason, this isn't working anymore.
Hope to hear from you

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