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From <>
Subject Changing wsdlsoap:body namespace value for service request
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 10:18:18 GMT

I have edited my wsdd to use a urn as a target namespace by using:
xmlns:ns="urn:hs.ltc" in the beanmapping element;

When I examine the generated wsdl file this is picked up fine for the

<wsdl:output name="loadSystemDetailResponse">
   <wsdlsoap:body encodingStyle=""
namespace="urn:hs.ltc" use="encoded"/>

I don't understand why this isnt picked up for the request though, as I
would like to apply the same urn to the namespace for the request so that I
don't have to edit any of the generated classes, this is the portion for the
request for the same service:

<wsdl:input name="loadSystemDetailRequest">
<wsdlsoap:body encodingStyle=""
namespace="http://Salford" use="encoded"/>

Here you can see it uses 'namespace="http://Salford"' instead of

Can anybody tell if there is a reason for this, and also if there is a way
of overriding this value without manually editing the wsdl file (or if there
are any implications with manually overriding this by editing the wsdl).

I am new to axis so sorry if this is a pretty straight forward question.


Paul Ockleford

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