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From "Paul Fremantle" <>
Subject Re: AXIS2 - Sad State of code generation tools?
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 05:38:14 GMT

I haven't looked at your problems in detail, but I wanted to add this
in case it helps:
You could start from your existing (Axis1 J2W generated) WSDL and just
go from their. Java->WSDL behaviour is not necessarily specific to any


On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 10:01 PM, Dan Armbrust
<> wrote:
> I have come into Axis2, trying to bring some  older code up to date
>  that was first done with Axis 1.
>  My master API is written as IDL.  In Axis1, the path that was taken
>  was IDL -> Java -> WSDL -> Java -> Implement these stubs.
>  While not straightforward, this did work, without any major issues.
>  Now, I get a 1.3 version of Axis 2, to try to "upgrade" my code - and
>  I'm left with the distinct feeling that the code generation tools in
>  Axis2 aren't yet worthy of a 1.0 release number.
>  (I'm not looking to step on any toes... please don't take it the wrong
>  way - it's entirely possible I'm misusing the tools - so if there
>  things I can do to address the following issues, please correct me -
>  but it just seems like things aren't close to ready for primetime yet)
>  1)  When I go from Java -> WSDL, the tools refuse to follow my
>  submitted namespace for exceptions and return types.  Instead, it
>  invents new namespaces for the exceptions and return types when it
>  creates the WSDL.
>  2)  Java -> WSDL  doesn't handle superclasses.
>  So, I manually hack the WSDL a bit to clean up the namespaces - and
>  proceed to run the WSDL -> Java step.
>  3)  The Java -> WSDL refuses to "unwrap" the exceptions.  It always
>  does a pattern like this:
>  And then it uses the UnexpectedError5Exception class in my exposed web
>  methods.  I don't understand where the "5" version of the class comes
>  from - It doesn't make sense.
>  4)  WSDL -> Java is appending random numbers to the end of all of my
>  primitive variable names in the methods.
>  So, it seems that I'm stuck.  These interfaces are too large to be
>  handcrafting this code.  I could probably write scripts that could
>  automatically fix the issues with the generated WSDL, but then
>  signatures for the server side stubs that I generate from the WSDL are
>  way off from what was specified in the IDL, mostly due to the
>  Exception unwrapping issues.
>  Even if I were to dive in, and try to fix all of these issues in the
>  code generators, I sure haven't gotten much confidence that Axis2 will
>  work properly at runtime, given all of the issues I've had so far.
>  And now I see that you are pushing toward a 1.4 release, while there
>  are still 31 "critical" bugs open when I search on wsdl.  Many of
>  which probably cover and/or overlap the issues I have described here.
>  Are these issues just not on anyone's radar, or priority list?
>  Is the rest of Axis2 in better shape than this - does it work for
>  folks with real world apps?  Or should I just go back to Axis1?
>  Thanks,
>  Dan
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