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From "Hari C" <>
Subject Client Not able to invoke the webservice
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 04:03:41 GMT
I have a webservice which is running in weblogic application server.All the
request to the weblogic from the external world comes to the weblogic

iplanet webserver. The webservice which i have written is servicing two
clients. one is External application and the request from this application

through the iplanet and the second one is an internal application which runs
in the same application server, same domain but in a different EAR. For the

second client i have provided axis generated client stub to invoke the

The outside application is able to invoke the service properly using my URL
which is like http://<DNS <http://%3cdns/> Name>/services/MyService .

When it comes to the internal user which uses the AXIS generated client code
for accessing the webservice is getting an error when the same URL is given.

by using the DNS name it is failing.The error message is "Un Known <DNS

When i use my <hostname> instead of the <DNS name> it is working fine.I was
expecting that the stub will send the request like how the external system

i.e. client will send the http request to the internet and then DNS name
will be resolved and it comes back to my service via iplanet. When i change
it to

host name is it some thing like a local invocation is done?

I would like to know why the same URL which is working for the external
system is not working for the intrernal client. Could any one tell me how

client generates a http request? Is it the same way a web browser generates
it. Is there a good document which explains how axis client generates the



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