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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Print or log the SOAP request / response
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 04:45:25 GMT

> dl2java generated stub classes to interact with a SOAP-based service.  
> I am connecting and authenticating properly via https, but the service 
> is returning errors regarding missing data fields that I have 
> double-checked are being set in my code...  my next step was to try 
> and view the SOAP messages being passed in order to verify that I'm 
> sending what I think I am...  the standalone apps that intercept the 
> SOAP messages aren't an option for me at the moment, I was hoping to 
> just be able to call a method that would return a dump of the request 
> and response SOAP messages.
> I have tried using the MessageContext class (retrieved via the 
> getCurrentMessageContext() static method), but it returns null - I 
> think this is due to my use of the wsdl2java-generated stubs.  Is 
> there any other way to get this information, or am I pretty much 
> stuck?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If this is in Axis2 client side then you can not get the MessageContext 
using getCurrentMessageContext method. However what you can do is

Thank you!

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