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From Adrián Cuartero <>
Subject Re: how to generate a simple skeleton with wsdl2java
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 09:39:12 GMT
Thank you Mauro, with your help and this tutorial i've solved the problem

----- Mensaje original ----
De: Mauro Molinari <>
Enviado: lunes, 31 de marzo, 2008 14:06:17
Asunto: Re: how to generate a simple skeleton with wsdl2java

Adrián Cuartero ha scritto:
> Hi all
> I developed a service throw java2wsdl whose interface was like this
>   public int[] getDeviceIdentifier(String model)throws MyException{
> Due to the problem between custom exceptions and java2wsdl i had to 
> re-write the wsdl file and use wsdl2java to write the service and now 
> the interface is like this.
>     public GetDeviceIdentifierResponse getDeviceIdentifier(
>             GetDeviceIdentifier getDeviceIdentifier)
>             throws MyException{
> I prefer the other interface because is easiest to view the params and 
> to make the documentation but i don't know what can i do to use the old 
> one instead of the last one with this pojos.
> Thanks for the help.
> Adrián

Hi Adrián,
try to specify the "unwrap parameters" option to WSDL2Java. Given your 
WSDL (at which I had a quick look), it should translate to public int[] 


Mauro Molinari
Software Developer

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