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From "Holger Uhlitzsch" <>
Subject [axis2] axis2 1.3 complextype with byte[] member variable, bug?
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 12:59:41 GMT
Hi all,

i think i found a bug in axis2 1.3 with POJOs.

My POJO has two methods. One sending a object with a byte[] member and one returning a object
with byte[] member.
The serialization of the object is valid and i can see in the sending out soap message the
base64 encoded byte[]. But the deserialization fails.
In line 382 of class org.apache.axis2.databinding.utils.BeanUtil i have to change:

partObj = deserialize(parameters, (OMElement)parts.getParent(),


partObj = deserialize(parameters, parts,

So i do not call deserialize() with the parent of parts (which is the xml element of the byte[]

and in line 308 change:

return Base64.decode(beanElement.getFirstElement().getText());


return Base64.decode(beanElement.getText());

Now i just have to call getText() to get the base64 encoded content of the byte[] xml element.

I have to do this because call getFirstElement() doesn't ensure that the element is really
the byte[] element.

But i'm not sure this is the right fix.

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