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From "Tikayatray, Lokajit " <>
Subject Packaging structure for axis web service
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 14:42:29 GMT

Hi All,
I have a doubt regarding the packaging structure of the classes used for
a service in Axis. I always get some sort of problem (depending on the
data binding I use) when I have the following packaging structure.

Suppose interface A is exposed as the service.
Class 'B' is the class object that will get passed in the response
object to the client.
'B' class object contains 'C' class objects.

Now I face problem in retrieving the result out of response object when
I have interface A, B class and C class all 3 in separate separate
packages. In this case my response object contains all the required data
but my stub fails to retrieve data out of it when I try to get any value
out of class C. I don't face any problem in fetching value out of class
B except that when I fetch class C object from class B object, I get
null. But I can see from my response xml that class B contains the class
C object correctly with full data.

If I put the class C and class B in one package and interface A in
different package then I don't face any problem.

So, what I think is when we are having classes referred by the service
interface in MORE THAN ONE package outside the service interface package
we face problem in retrieving data out of response object.

Please some one let me know is there something wrong in my understanding
the packaging structure for axis services.

Thanks and Regards
Lokajit Tikayatray

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