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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Moving Axis2 code base into JDK 1.5
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 23:12:25 GMT

On 27 Feb 2008, at 05:15, Deepal Jayasinghe wrote:

> So if we move to JDK 1.5 we can get better support , and I do not  
> think any advantage of staying in 1.4 . If some user want to use  
> Axis2 in JDK 1.4 they can happily use Axis2 1.3 , which is very  
> stable version and working fine in 1.4 and 1.5.
> If any user or developers have any concern on moving to JDK 1.5  
> please come forward and reply to this mail that will be very helpful  
> for all of us.


Moving to Java 1.5 doesn't necessarily mean to abandon support for  
Java 1.4. I am currently working on a project for a company that still  
uses Java 1.4 (and I think there are lots of them). We needed a  
library to generate MS Project files, but the only one we could find  
was from an Open Source project that migrated to Java 1.5 a few  
releases ago. The code in this library makes use of generics and has a  
dependency on JAXB 2. What we did was to use retrotranslator (

) to translate the library as well as its dependencies (including JAXB  
2) back to Java 1.4. The tool operates at bytecode level and supports  
all Java 5 constructs (generics, enums, annotations, etc.). It also  
emulates the most important parts of the Java API. We were able to use  
the library to generate MS Project XML files on a Java 1.4 VM without  
any problems, meaning that retrotranslator successfully backported the  
JAXB 2 RI to Java 1.4! There is also a plugin (retrotranslator-maven- 
plugin) that allows to generate Java 1.4 artifacts during Maven  
builds. Maybe this could be an option for Axis2?



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