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From "Raghuram Sreenath" <>
Subject Custom TrustManagers with Axis + SSL
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 15:22:42 GMT
I am writing this email as the last hope to get some help with my effort to
get a custom trust manager with axis.
I have gone through the documention (whatever is available) and have found
no answers.  Specificall, i have tried the following:
1. followed the steps in axis/docs/integration-guide.html#Pluggable%20APIs
2. Tried the steps mentioned by John in his post

I have had no luck.

Basically, I have an axis client trying to contact an axis server over
HTTPS. I have an implementation of X509TrustManager that I want to be used
while doing a SSL handshake.  From what I understand, this should be
typically achieved by the following lines of code:
            TrustManager[] myTMs = new TrustManager [] {
                          new MyTrustManager() };
            SSLContext ctx = SSLContext.getInstance("SSL");
            ctx.init(null, myTMs, null);
            SSLSocketFactory factory =ctx.getSocketFactory();

after moving to axis. I created an implementation of axis's
SecureSocketFactory that delegates to my 'factory' above and added the
            System.setProperty("", "
            AxisProperties.setClassOverrideProperty(,   "
            AxisProperties.setProperty("", "

I even tried passing the jvm parameters: -

Nothing has worked :(

Please help!


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