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From Scott Malinowski <>
Subject Process SOAP message containg XHTML
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 15:36:37 GMT

This is probably a SOAP question more than an AXIS2 question. If there is a better place to
post my question please let me know.

I have written a SOAP web service using AXIS2. It returns XHTML as a string. The problem is
on the client side. It takes several minutes to process the response, which is only a few
hundred kilobytes. My research on this has pointed me to the fact that the XHTML within the
SOAP response has become encoded (e.g. '<' has become '&lt;') and that it is taking
awhile for this data to be converted back. It only takes a second or so for the client to
send the request and receive a response. The time delay comes when I call getSOAPBody() on
the client. I have tried wrapping the XHTML in '<<![CDATA[' and ']]>' but to no avail
(it is still encoded in the SOAP response). How do I return XHTML so that Axis2 and/or SOAP
ignores the XHTML when building the response and leaves it unencoded?


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