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From Alick Buckley <>
Subject [Axis2] Release plan and road map for Axis2 1.4 release
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 03:22:30 GMT

Hi Guys,

Do you plan to update 3rd party jar files with the latest available ?

Axis2 1.3 is currently using:


Latest releases

	JAF is now 1.1.1
	JavaMail is now 1.4.1
	Woodstox is now 3.9
	Log4j is now 1.2.15

Also Apache Xerces and Xalan have changed


[Axis2] Release plan and road map for Axis2 1.4 release

Deepal Jayasinghe
Tue, 18 Dec 2007 21:03:19 -0800

Hi Devs and Users,

I saw a number of users asking about the next release of Axis2 , so I
think its good time to think about that. We did our last release on
August , looking at the mailing list and JIRA I can assume that the
release is very stable release.  However in the meantime we have few
items that we need to implement that we discussed over the mailing list
for the next release. And there are a few bug fixes and new features
that users have ask about , so taking all those into account how about
doing a release on end of February ?

So in the release I would like to see following list of items
 - Support for RPC-Encoded
 - Full support for JAX-WS
 - Enhance NIO transport support
-  Discuss and implement dynamic phase rule support
 - Fix the issues we found at MS PlugFest
 - Anything else .....   ??

In addition to that we need to identify the issues that we are going to
fix in next release , for that I would like ask Axis2 users to go and
create a JIRA or change the priority of JIRA if they want some issues or
features (s)he like to see in next release. In the meantime if someone
think to fix some particular issue for next release then please go and
mark the issue as blocker. But please do not just mark issue as blocker
provide some useful information specifying what do you think its is

So let's target Axis2 1.4 on end of February , and here is my +1 for the




> Alick Buckley
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