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From "Matthew Fadoul" <>
Subject Difficulty Generating a JSP Test Client with Eclipse's Web Service Client Wizard
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 05:13:14 GMT
Hello all,


I've been creating web services based on WSDL files, using Eclipse's "Web
Service" wizard and deploying on Axis2 without much difficulty.


At first, I tested my services by using the Web Services Explorer within


Now, I'd like to build my own client to access the web services sitting in
my Tomcat6/Axis2 server.  Looking over the "Web Service Client" wizard's
documentation, it appears that this wizard should be able to automatically
generate JSP as a test-client.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to access this


So my questions: 


1) Has the functionality been deprecated?

2) Is there something that would cause this functionality (i.e. generating a
JSP test client) to be unavailable?

3) Is this functionality only available on Axis1 (I'm using Axis2), or would
the version even be an issue on the client side? 

4) Currently, I specify the client project to be an existing "Dynamic Web
Project".  Is there another project type that I should be using?


Side note: Aside from the wsdl2java and associated Eclipse "Web Service
Client" wizard, are there any tutorials on building web clients that can
interface with a web service?  I'd like to steer clear of proprietary (e.g.
Microsoft) solutions, and stick with stuff like JSP, JavaScript, Java, PHP,
etc.  Currently, I've got two books on the subject (ISBNs: 0672326418 and
0321396855), but they rely on the wsdl2java tool or the wizard mentioned





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