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From Gaurav Lall <>
Subject Re: Urgent Help - disable xsd validation in axis 1.4
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 23:36:05 GMT
I am not sure there is much  axis framework can help you with this , 
probably you will have to write custom servlet filter(assuming http) and 
modify the request to set the  mandatory fields in xml (just an idea )
Ramkumar Menon wrote:
> Resending - Please let me know how to disable schema validation for axis 1.4.
> ram
> On 1/14/08, Ramkumar Menon <> wrote:
>> Hi Gurus,
>> I am struggling with a specific issue described below in brief.
>> I have a doc/literal Web Service that accepts a Customer element in
>> its request and response.
>> The customer element is defined in an XML Schema imported into the
>> service WSDL.The customer element has a set of child elements,none of
>> which are defined as optional within the schema. [i.e. all mandatory].
>> I have the client generated using wsdl2java, and am populating the
>> Customer object and then invoking the web service at its mentioned
>> port.
>> For e.g.
>> customer.setName("asdsas");
>> customer.setCity("asdasd").
>> customer.setCountry("US").
>> ......
>> invokeService(customer);
>> The axis layer naturally throws an exception while it tries to
>> serialize the java objects into XML, complaining that "customerId",
>> which is a mandatory field is null.
>> In fact, customerId is populated as a part of the response of the
>> invocation, and is never available prior to the invocation.
>> Is there a way to avoid this error altogether - assuming the following
>> constraints.
>> a) Calling program cannot do call a set API on all mandatory fields
>> with a dummy value to work around this error.
>> b) The Schema cannot be changed to ensure that these elements are optional.
>> So, the axis layer just needs to ignore the fact that though
>> customerId is mandatory, it just needs to continue processing even
>> through the caller did not set the customerId on the customer object.
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>> -Ramkumar Menon
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