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From David Benua <>
Subject Calling BeanDeserializer ?
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 03:33:10 GMT
I have a problem trying to use the BeanDeserializer outside of the 
standard SOAP message processing.  I wonder if this is possible.

I have an object that is normally transmitted via Web Services that I 
want to persist as an XML file, and then re-use it at a later date as an 
Object.  This Object was generated with WSDL2Java, and has both a 
getSerializer() and a getDeserializer() method.

I can serialize the Object to XML easily like this:

       StringWriter output = new StringWriter();
       QName qn = new QName("urn...","Item");
       Serializer serial = Item.getSerializer(Constants.AXIS_SAX, 
Item.class, item);
       SerializationContext ctx = new SerializationContext(output);
       Attributes attribs = new AttributesImpl();
       serial.serialize(qn , attribs, item, ctx);
       return output.toString();

What I cannot figure out how to do is deserialize the XML back to the 

I've seen this question asked a couple of times in the archives, but 
never any answer.

Any suggestions most welcome


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