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From "Subir S" <>
Subject [General] Advantages of Axis2 over Axis1
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2008 09:39:06 GMT
Hi All,

Any help or advise is appreciated.

I want to convince our project to move from Axis1 rpc-enc WS to Axis2
(either rpc-lit / doc-lit).
Also i am preparing a document to highlight them.
My initial study from various internet resources have told me about these
a.) more performance for Axis2. (Benchmark results between Apache Axis1 and
Apache Axis2 )
b.) considerable performance over other WS applications (Benchmark results
between Apache Axis2 and Codehaus XFire )

c.) Another stuff we use rpc-encoded services. But this I can change in
Axis1 also to doc-lit or rpc-lit to make it inline with WS-I basic profile.

I also saw various WS-* specification support that Axis2 has. But is there
some thing much more significant in Axis2 which has a cutting edge over
Axis1. Some reference to such comparisons over the web would be higly

Thanks in advance.



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