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From Scott Malinowski <>
Subject Re: Process SOAP message containg XHTML
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:17:33 GMT

Thanks. I saw MTOM during my research but I am very new to web services and SOAP and I am
finding some of these other features (including MTOM) a bit daunting. Mostly, I need to make
sure the web service I write can be accessed not only by my Java client but also by our sister
application, which is written in PowerBuilder. It looks like you have to enable MTOM on the
client but I am unable to find how that can be done in PowerBuilder. It appears you have to
have PowerBuilder use .NET instead of EasySOAP, which is PowerBuilder's implementation of
SOAP. Sadly, my organization will not allow .NET so I am limited. This is why I am using plain
vanilla SOAP. The client creates a SOAP message and calls the service. My web service doesn't
do anything with SOAP itself. It is just a Java class which generates XHTML and returns it.
The SOAP container on the server (Axis2) takes care of converting the
string to a SOAP message response. Somewhere in that process of taking my string and converting
it to a SOAP message is where it encodes it.

I did try changing the wsdl to have the return type be base64Binary but that did not keep
the XHTML from being encoded. I was hoping there would be a simple change I can make to the
wsdl to tell SOAP to ignore the content of the return and don't encode it but maybe there
isn't an easy way.

I will look further into MTOM. Maybe I can at least get it working via a Java client. In the
meantime, any other ideas from you or anyone else would be greatly appreciated!


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From: Paul Fremantle <>
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008 12:07:56 PM
Subject: Re: Process SOAP message containg XHTML

One option would be to treat the data as a binary message and use MTOM
to send it. This should reduce the XML processing and will also avoid
any encoding issues.


On Jan 14, 2008 3:36 PM, Scott Malinowski <> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is probably a SOAP question more than an AXIS2 question. If
 there is a
> better place to post my question please let me know.
> I have written a SOAP web service using AXIS2. It returns XHTML as a
> The problem is on the client side. It takes several minutes to
 process the
> response, which is only a few hundred kilobytes. My research on this
> pointed me to the fact that the XHTML within the SOAP response has
> encoded (e.g. '<' has become '&lt;') and that it is taking awhile for
> data to be converted back. It only takes a second or so for the
 client to
> send the request and receive a response. The time delay comes when I
> getSOAPBody() on the client. I have tried wrapping the XHTML in
> and ']]>' but to no avail (it is still encoded in the SOAP response).
 How do
> I return XHTML so that Axis2 and/or SOAP ignores the XHTML when
 building the
> response and leaves it unencoded?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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