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From mpas mpas <>
Subject RE: mistake in this simple wsdl
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 13:36:00 GMT
  I did some kind of test and i found that the wsdl and xsd file are conformed. 
  But the service skeleton generated with the wsdl2java tool is not properly and because of

  That axis get the error (error = property can not be null )
  I change generated skeleton so that I removed whole code and implemented
  Service operation myself so that the little method return what it gets from client back
to client and the service works fine!!
  I assume that wsdl2java code can not qualified my wsdl or my xsd file and
  produces some improperly code!  Could somebody verify if my assuming is right!?
  If so, what is wrong in these files, that tool is not able to generate a properly working

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