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From Sam <>
Subject wsdl2java and broken beans: Date->Calendar
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:09:32 GMT
I'm using java2wsdl and wsdl2java, wsdl2java is re-generating my beans
to add all the serialization/deserialization code in them.
The problem is that these generated beans are broken, my code don't
work with them...
The fields of java.util.Date datatype are translated into
java.util.Calendar type, so, the domain code don't work anymore..

I have an ant task that compiles the modified beans and overwrite the
compiled classes with them. So, I'm doing the right thing?
Should I be using the modified beans instead of the regular ones in my
domain code? How could I solve the types issue?

Maybe it is that I do not fully understand the framework yet, I'll
really appreciate any tip or link to help me to solve this problem,
Thanks in advance

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